Friday, October 14, 2022

Blue Cart Recycling Marketing Campaign

Blue Cart Recycling

Digital Marketing Campaign

First of a kind Digital Marketing Campaign for the City of Calgary Blue Cart Recycling Project.  The Goal was to develop an Interactive and engaging online presence to educate citizens on how and what to recycle. Included a list of Frequently asked questions. an interesting KPI was the reduced number of phone calls to the City of Calgary 311 Center.   As Team lead, i helped architect the campaign , assisted with the development of all media assets, including story boarding the video componenet.

The entire online presence was developed using a combination of Flash, action script, Javascript and ASP.

The Team and the City of Calgary was awarded an interactive Media Award for this project.  A well earned award if i may say so myself.

The following is a Video of how the component worked on the website.  The project was de commissioned after the campaign expired.