Thursday, November 5, 2015

Why the Cloud ?

 Why the Cloud? 

Cloud computing has turned out to be a groundbreaking advancement in information technology. It has already enabled many businesses to make profits that were not possible in the past due to no-access to significant information on the cloud to improve sales and costs linked to operation and maintenance of servers.

Cloud computing services are available to users under three categories:

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service),
PaaS (Platform as a Service),
SaaS (Software as a Service).

Small businesses, Startups, Nonprofits used to find technology investments deterring

But not anymore, thanks to cloud computing to make it much easier for business aspirants to set up their businesses in their desired locations. They are no longer required to spend hefty sum of money on buying computer hardware, software to run their businesses.Moreover, they can easily track performance of their businesses, manage resources and increase their ROI through various apt tools available on the cloud.

Another factor that entices to go for cloud computing is scalability, which allows a company to avoid a panic situation where there is unexpected growth in numbers of users. Cloud scalability automatically increases the number of resources as and when there is upsurge in demand. There are many benefits of cloud computing that are leading many businesses, regardless of their sizes, to increasingly opt for cloud computing.

The ability to scale up in the event of skyrocketing business growth makes cloud computing the antidote of system-failure nemesis. It's no hyperbole to say that cloud scalability saves both time and money of cloud customers, who can avail cloud services at any given point of time.  Non-cloud users, on the other hand, often face the labyrinth of installing new hardware, buying new licenses for software and keeping a dedicated staff to deal with system failure ascribed to massive influx of users.

Cloud computing acts as a single point to fulfill your all the computing, networking and storage needs. Hence, cloud computing not only frees your of the dependence on buying personal hardware, software to run your business operations, but also ensures high productivity and helps devise strategies to establish a strong foothold in the market.

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