Monday, November 2, 2015

Twitter Town Hall

Introduction to Twitter Town Hall

Organisations, municipalities and Businesses can use a Twitter town hall to engage with their clients.  This is the venue wherein various groups and agencies will invite online users in a public gathering at a specified time. If you are not sure what a twitter townhall experience looks like, view the video below where Twitter hosted a town Hall for President Obama. There are other such examples available on youtube

In the given meeting, online users can be free to ask questions and acquire information regarding a specific topic on the social media site. The idea is for interested parties, as well as the public, to gather and share information in a town hall setup. Questions are labeled with a hashtag so everyone knows it's specific to the event. The questions will also be forwarded to the agency so that it can address each one properly. The answering party can make use of various methods to reply to the questions in a way that will be viewable to the parties concerned. The Twitter town hall is unique from regular messaging and posting since specific issues and topics are addressed by the main parties involved. The concerned public can directly delve on related issues and get straight answers from the group or individual. Twitter chat has proven to be an effective and quick-acting tool that helps organizations spread information, as well as get in touch with the public for various objectives and programs.

Starting a Twitter Town Hall

When planning to start a Twitter town hall, there are key steps to follow. First, promote the activity by choosing a host and then sharing the information a few weeks in advance. Some of the methods to quickly let concerned parties know about the schedule and hashtag include tweeting regularly, writing blogs and using other social media tools. The engagement should also clearly indicate the objectives and policies. Define the topic well so that questions and discussions will only dwell on the real issues. Before and during the event, live chat must be supported and all the people involved must communicate to ensure that the agency and public only relates to the hashtag. Continue updating the information by posting blogs and related information days before the event. Assess the success of the Twitter town hall by making a checklist of the objectives that were successfully reached, the number of people who participated and the response time