Sunday, November 8, 2015

Take Control of your Email InBox (Mobile Apps: IOS Only)

Take Control of your Email InBox

Most time spent in email is an exercise in futility. No matter how quickly you can get through your inbox, more will always be coming in. Many apps and services do their best to speed up email triage, but that doesn’t actually stop junk from hitting your inbox.

Here is an App that seems to have taken a different approach.
The app version of is so much more satisfying because it forces you to actually unsubscribe instead of doing the email equivalent of putting all of your dirty clothes under the bed.

The interface is pretty simple: Swipe left to unsubscribe from the spam, swipe right to keep it in your inbox, or swipe up to put it in the “rollup.”

Unroll.Me is a junk mail filter that puts all your least important email in one place, and only delivers it to you once a day. Go through your inbox tagging subscription-type messages as “keep”, “rollup”, or “unsubscribe” on day one, and the system will sort your less-urgent email into one rollup that arrives once a day at a time of your choosing.

Stats from Unroll.Me show that new users see an average 70 percent drop in mail making it to their inbox on a daily basis. And with the introduction of a new iOS app, sorting and keeping track of that email is even faster and easier. With a modern design and a fast, simple swipe interface, you can sort your subscriptions in minutes, without worrying about missing anything.

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