Wednesday, November 4, 2015

IT Jargon: ABEND

Absent by Enforced Net Deprivation (ABEND)

Absent by enforced net deprivation (ABEND) is a term used by an individual to inform friends or acquaintances that they will be unavailable or offline due to lack of Internet/network connectivity. This may occur when a user is traveling, moving or ill, among other reasons.
ABEND was initially a hacker slang jargon used on USENET groups. Typically, the term ABEND was sent as the subject of an email. It was sent as an acronym so that only limited, like-minded or knowledgeable hackers could decipher the message. As a result of this abbreviation, people can easily tell their friends that they won’t have access of Internet. The term also implies that those who use it wouldn't go offline for any other reason than an insurmountable lack of Internet access