Sunday, October 25, 2015

Digital Design

Digital Service Design.

Delivering human-centred service excellence across every digital touch-point.
Customers interact with my business in so many different ways – how can I deliver the best results across their whole experience?
Digital Service Design aims to understand how your customers (or users) engage with your organisation and services or products, with a view to creating experiences and services which create maximum engagement and value creation. By aligning the customer journey across the entire omni-channel ecosystem, we can identify areas where digital enhancements are able to deliver better services, customer experiences, and ultimately improved business performance.

Digital Service Design involves a detailed analysis of the way that customers and users interact with your organisation and all the processes (internal and external) which relate to that interaction. It takes into account every touch-point along the customer journey, including the manner in which that contact is made (for example, what kind of device is likely to be used, or where that customer is likely to be when they make that contact).

Our comprehensive Digital Service Design process helps improve or develop new services to support your organisation and stakeholders in achieving your objectives. Our human-centred approach works by combining a thorough understanding of your customers, your processes and your business, and applying best practice user experience design, behavioural psychology and game science to deliver a detailed Service Blueprint.